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The most critical detail in the cup-lock system is the perfect interaction of the 3 components: Ledger Blade, Bottom Cup and Top Cup. If those parts are produced without taking into account their interaction, the final user may experience huge problems.

Due to the fact that the Top Cup is subjected to impact hits, it has to be produced from the material that is resistant to minus degrees. That’s why ARI produces the Top Cup from the Malleable Cast Iron, which guarantees the resistance of the part even at -50°C. Some providers produce the Top Cup using the forging method. The forged Top Cup has the resistance but does not have the ideal geometry, so the most correct method is to produce casted Top Cup from Malleable Cast Iron.

Moreover, using the Diagonal Ledger Blade is a cheaper and more efficient solution if compared to the couplers. The Diagonal Ledger Blade will increase the reliability of your Scaffolding and will decrease your costs comparing to using the couplers.

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