About Us

40 years ago, when we first started to produce goods for the Scaffolding sector, we were very excited. Our first customer, SGB, informed us that those were the safety parts. From that moment on we continuously improved ourselves and our products, always keeping in mind the safety criteria.

At the moment ARI produces over 200 different types of products and exports them to over 40 countries worldwide. Our company does not only provide the quality goods for Scaffolding and Formwork sector, but also undertakes the role of product developer for various systems.


Our casting facilities include both the Disamatic lines with vertical casting method, and also the horizontal casting lines. The casted products are mainly produced from Ductile Cast Iron, Malleable Cast Iron and Steel. The possibility to choose the necessary material according to the application and working conditions of each and every part provides our customers a competitive advantage. Due to this wide range of materials, there is a possibility to produce more high-tech mounted parts, where different material is used for every sub-piece.


Realizing that certain parts have to be produced using the forging method and due to the increasing demand, in 2014 we added the forged parts to our product range. The parts that certain suppliers were producing using machining and welding methods, are now produced by ARI by forging the part as a single piece.

At the moment we possess both friction press and hammering methods of forging.


ARI experienced all the stages of development of casting technology: from manual production of casting tooling and core boxes to CNC-machining of metal tooling and core boxes at our own Machining Department.

Due to the high demand we increased the number of our CNC-lathe and CNC-milling machines, and on 25 April 2011 we opened our own CNC-machining atelier.


This is our most defined competitive advantage: we use our experience and engineering infrastructure as a driving force for innovation which is reflected in the goods that we produce.

Our working mentality could be considered as a Publicly Open Engineering Office which underlines the fact that we are much more than just a producer.

Let’s design your dreams together!


We create innovative, design-driven and technically excellent products and services for Scaffolding and Formwork sector.


To become the preferred manufacturer and customized processing solution provider in the Formwork and Scaffolding sector.

ARI DÖKÜM ve MAKİNE SAN ve TİC. LTD. Hürriyet Mah. Ulus Cad. Erler Sok. Demkar Sitesi .No:5 A Blok Kartal - İstanbul / TURKEY