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Couplers Clamps

In this segment we are proud to be not only the producer, but also the developer of the parts. Upto this point we already have the experience of designing and development of more than 50 types of Clamps. The designing process starts with the design of Profile and goes into design of accessories, like clamps, nuts, etc.

All our clamps are produced with the consideration of the working conditions. For example, all the wedges are produced by forging, to grant the necessary resistance to impact hits.
Moreover, our clamps proved themselves in such hard climate conditions as Russia, Poland and Sweden.Most recently, we expanded our product range with 2 new parts.

One of them is MULTI CLAMP. This clamp can fit any separate type of panel, and also can be used for assembling two different types of panels of different formwork producers. This proves to be advantageous for the users at the construction site.

The other newly introduced product is the BFP clamp. The biggest strength of this clamp is the fact that its body is produced from the seamless tube profile. This detail makes this clamp one of the most resistant in the market.

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